About BDSP


The National Framework for the accreditation and certification of Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs) aims to set the benchmark standard for Business Development interventions by providing the mark of quality for the delivery of Business Development Services (BDS) to the Micro Small & Medium (MSME) in Nigeria. The accreditation endeavours to promote the quality of BDSPs and their added value to MSMEs. The successful implementation of a regulatory policy framework for the accreditation of high calibre BDSPs will help raise the profile of MSMEs. This improved access will ultimately lead to higher growth and improved MSME performance.

The Accreditation framework includes the development of capacity, recognition and regulation of the practice of BDS in Nigeria. Certi ed Business Development Providers (BDSPs) are powerful agents for driving  rm growth and enterprise value of MSMEs in Nigeria. The National certified BDSPs would have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the BD provision and portray technical MSME capacity-building skills. BDSPs assist in strategy, performance, competitiveness and facilitate access to nance therefore directly contributing to the country’s economic development. Nationally accredited BDS Providers are to be listed on the SMEDAN website and will be given a 3 year renewable Practicing License and a Seal to authenticate their professional services to MSMEs when necessary.

At the end of the certification training, prospective BDSPs should be able to:
 Demonstrate technical knowledge relevant to the effective delivery of the business
development service provision to MSMEs.
 Demonstrate thorough understanding of MSME industry challenge.
 Use effective facilitation skills to support MSMEs in overcoming their challenges.
 Apply relevant diagnostic tools in assessing the MSME business and provide necessary support
based on information derived from same.
 Display advisory skills in improving MSME growth.
 Identify key diagnostic tools relevant to each MSME business growth stage.5
National BDS Provider Accreditation Programme - BROCHURE
 De ne the scope of support required for specific MSME growth barriers.
 Examine the pillars necessary to being an effective and excellent BDSP.
 Assess skills necessary for effective leadership and personal development.


This accreditation programme is a result of a 3 year project designed by globally acclaimed BDS experts based on a well-researched and validated accreditation framework. The training part of the programme will typically run for 6 days and participants are expected to free themselves of
all ancillary duties to concentrate fully on the programme.

Participants will be introduced to a lot of new concepts and diagnostic tools that will require
real- life applications to bring full meaning to the intended objectives in the light of MSME management. Participants will have to take some assignment home, work in teams and engage with real MSMEs on a face to face basis.
At the end of the programme a case based examination will be administered and a pass is required to obtain the certi cation. Due to the tensions associated with examinations, every cohort will be given the option of a one week interval to prepare for the examination of write the examination on the last day of the training.


An investment of N150,000.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) will be required for the training which covers the expert tuition, course materials and meals during the duration of the training. Successful candidates at the associate level will pay a fee for the Practicing License and Seal, this will be advised by the Governing Board